The high fashion industry, or more abstractly the concept of beauty, is characterised by a dynamism which is different from any other sector. This is due to its fast changes that lead it to quietly move from shapes to colours, from materials to sensations. COnce beauty meant opulence to excess, whereas nowadays our society’s awareness on ethical and environmental concerns has increased. Therefore, this approach is enabling us to reach a balance respecting these domains. For a group having the sizes of Margot S.p.A., fairness towards its workforce is not only a value to be highlighted in a certificate. Actually, it is a value to be conveyed to the whole staff and their families. For this reason, all the group’s companies are committed to their teams and enhance young human resources. Indeed, Margot S.p.A. encourages them to provide a positive example of the newly acquired awareness.


To support the environment, Margot S.p.A. has completed an important project to reduce waste. First of all, we have invested in the building of a sewage treatment plant in our premises in Pederobba to save water. In addition, we have set up special solid liquid separation equipment for normal and special waste. As proof of our commitment to the environment, today 6.3% of kilowatts we use are produced by solar energy. In the future, our company aims at increasing this percentage. Waste reduction has always been part of our business approach and is proven by the certificates we obtained. Indeed, Margot S.p.A. keeps looking for innovations and advanced technologies to streamline its production lines.


Our team members come from all over the world. Their soft skills and cultural background contribute to the entire Group development and exchange of ideas. To support our personnel, we share our goals with them, and our governance engage in a meaningful dialogue with them. Nonetheless, we keep a well-structured organisation chart. In Margot S.p.A., all our employees find their own mission to be carried out in addition to financial stability. Besides, their position is never taken for granted, whatever it is. In any production, sales, and management department, it is clear that we are a team working together to reach the same goal. It is precisely in this context that young people can learn, get ahead, and fulfil their expectations. The international fashion industry has always been considered competitive and ruthless. On the contrary, we foster creativity, commitment, and determination.