About us


In our headquarters in Milan, the expertise of our Group’s entrepreneurs, managers, and financial investors has created synergy to enable us to meet the needs of the main fashion brands, from the accessible to the super luxury ones. In the administration department, the players entered into the holding take a key role in the management of the whole Group.


Each company inside the Margot Group is characterised by a different evolution path, enhanced and remembered by the whole group. However, our goal is to look to the future, where we will keep improving our strengths.


Eurmoda Srl – Pederobba (TV)

Eurmoda S.r.l. is located in Pederobba, in the Venetian dynamic industrial triangle rising between the Conegliano Valdobbiadene hills, the small village of Asolo, and Possagno, where the famous Italian sculptor Antonio Canova was born. The company has gained experience cooperating with the major international fashion brands. As a result, the team is able to successfully meet the demands of the market.

Eurmoda Srl – Alano di Piave (BL)

In its plant placed in Alano di Piave, in Belluno, Eurmoda S.r.l. has inherited the precision typical of the specialists that have worked in the eyewear industry for decades. The company has acquired advanced skills and has been employing in-house developed new technologies. Thus, it can guarantee a steady quality and speed up workflows in the first moulding step.

Eurmoda Srl – Valsamoggia (BO)

A really important Eurmoda S.r.l.’s department is in Valsamoggia (Emilia-Romagna), in the heart of the Italian Motor Valley, well-known for its mechanical expertise. The team is specialised in the production of metal accessories through customised and in-house developed processes. This plant is also equipped with a small, automated barrel galvanizing line. In this way, some delicate workmanship can be carried out in the department.

ABC Morini Srl – Scandicci (FI)

ABC Morini S.r.l. works in Scandicci, in the Tuscany fashion production heart. The company is rooted in the territory since 1969 and has gradually evolved together with its field. It offers a wide range of leather goods, accessories, and items for the clothing industry, covering all market segments. ABC Morini can count on a broad retail network where customers benefit from a diversified and high-quality service. One of the company’s main strengths is represented by its skilled sales department. Indeed, its salespersons attentively support each customer in the purchase process.

ABC Morini Srl – Barberino del Mugello (FI)

Since ABC Morini entered into the Margot Group, it has become more efficient in goods’ customisation, are they Made in Italy or imported. To meet its customers’ requirements, the company has streamlined samples’ development and merchandise delivery. Moreover, ABC Morini is equipped with large galvanizing lines that carry out high-quality works to refine products. These systems are placed in a plant in Barberino del Mugello, conveniently located close to the other Margot’s facilities. A Barberino del Mugello, in una posizione strategica rispetto agli altri stabilimenti di Margot Spa, ABC Morini Srl dispone anche di un’ampia galvanica, che finalizza i processi con lavorazioni di qualità.

Venetie II Srl – Romano d’Ezzelino (VI)

Venetie II S.r.l. was born in the territory of Vicenza from the experience of a goldsmith in the jewellery sector and the Margot Group's ambition. Fields characterising this area are renowned nationally. Indeed, our company has been committed to develop complete industrial processes and offer a wide range of products for tomorrow's fashion. Moreover, we have always been searching for innovative solutions for brands cooperating with enterprises working in the jewellery sector. Venetie II Srl è incentrata a trovare soluzioni innovative da proporre ai brand che richiedono servizi legati al mondo delle catene.

Simel 2.0 Srl (Eurmoda Srl) - Marcon (VE)

Simel 2.0 S.r.l. is located in Marcon, in the province of Venice, and is the Margot Group’s flagship for technological progress. The company has a specialised team composed of engineers and technicians, and its main role in the group is carrying out continuous research on process optimisation. Our decision to involve Simel 2.0 S.r.l. in our growth path has enabled us to develop specific automated operations. These can be adapted to our customers’ needs without compromising neither production time nor quality.