Group Margot S.p.A.

Authenticity, Comprehensiveness, Identity, Awareness.

The creation of metal accessories for the clothing, leather goods, and footwear industries is our core business. We design high-quality products with a contemporary style employing innovative tools to provide the best to our customers.


The Margot Group has established itself internationally in the world of fashion. Yet, we keep changing due to its new trends. Our business is focused on the design and production of accessories made in metal, plastic, and other materials for the clothing, leather goods (e.g. shoes, bags, luggage, belts), eyewear, charms, and costume jewellery industries.


We have eight industrial plants located across Veneto, Emilia-Romagna, and Tuscany. In each of these places, our team creates different types of goods united by a shared element, i.e., their top quality. What distinguishes them is related to their territory. Indeed, in any of these regions there is at least one department in charge of technical design and product development.

The production of over thirty million pieces each year, the taking of over four thousand tests, and the availability of over thirty thousand squared meters match our production capacity. Besides, Margot has implemented an internal, personalised, and efficient production process. Our solutions balance flexibility and industrial management control. This is possible because we have adjusted them on the basis of the requests of the major brands worldwide.



“Inside the Margot Group, dozens of different nationalities and languages make up a mosaic of identities, cultures, idioms, arts, and traditions reflecting world diversity. The merging of these nuances generates beauty pursuing the first, primal meaning of fashion”.


Margot’s sensitivity to the environment, resources, and social responsibility issues is expressed by concrete actions. Indeed, our strategic team is responsible for investments in the development of ESG practices.


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